Phase 3 – Usability Testing

Can the  be reliably and easily used?

Phase 3 of this research project has 3 objectives: 

  1. To test reliability of the taxonomy
  2. To test the usability of the taxonomy
  3. To produce a final version of the taxonomy which has international consensus.

We will do this in the following ways:

  1. We will be looking for researchers in the field of religion and health to independently code an intervention manual of a religious healthcare programme. Please contact us if you are interested in taking part and being the first to try the RHIBS taxonomy. We will calculate Kappa reliability scores from independent coding to test reliability.
  2. To test usability, we will ask our coders to ‘think aloud’ about the coding they have done and describe any difficulties they experienced using the taxonomy. For example, we will prompt our coders to consider what challenges they experienced when applying the taxonomy to code the intervention.
  3. Based on the work and experience of our coders we will further refine the taxonomy and send it to the international Delphi panel for further comment.
  4. Final refinements will be made based on the Delphi panel feedback.